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Welcome to Laudir Lugo's site

Thanks for visiting my site.  My hope is that somehow, my life and ministry would be of help and encouragement to you.  I consider the purpose of my life (including the things that I have learned and done), to bring honor to God and to give away to people for the enhancement of their journey in life.  Let's see how we can connect!

- Laudir Lugo

Hybrid Church: What You Should Know


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What is a “Hybrid Church”?


First of all, I do not believe there is any specific model the local church must replicate. For those who point to the Jerusalem church in the book of Acts as a working model for exactly what our churches today should look like, there are many variables and factors that …

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A Hybrid Church’s Community Context


An example from Northside Church (a “hybrid church” in Chicago), www.northsidechicago.org Below you will find an example of the meeting format of a hybrid church. While this is not the only way to experience hybrid church, it is a model that has proven to be beneficial and of real edification …

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